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Including NCAA Sports Insurance

Most institutions offer student health insurance programs for students who do not have coverage; these student policies are paid by the participating students in most instances. In addition, schools with NCAA sports programs purchase “gap” insurance to cover the first $65,000 of medical expenses related to NCAA sports-related injuries, after which the NCAA major medical insurance triggers.

Under the program offered by MICUA and Shared Services, participating MICUA institutions will use the services of a single health insurer to administer and manage their student sickness/accident plans. Institutions retain the ability to offer individualized plan structures. Shared Services acts as a conduit between the institutions and the insurer, providing plan structure assistance, risk management, and advocacy services. Shared Services uses a nationally-recognized and Maryland-licensed health insurer. The same insurer provides the sports “gap” insurance. Shared Services’ consultant administers the program and consults with the institution about ways to improve coverage for students, reduce administrative burdens, and lower the cost of the gap insurance.

For additional information about this program, please contact:

Bret Schreiber
Phone: 410-269-0306

Shared Services Consortium
Angela Tennis
Phone: 717-796-2200