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Johns Hopkins announces development process for a new Sustainability Plan

Johns Hopkins University

April 23, 2021


This Earth Day, the Johns Hopkins Office of Sustainability is announcing plans to develop a new Sustainability Plan and roadmap, the first update to the university's environmental planning policy since the President's Task Force on Climate Change Implementation Plan was adopted in 2009.

The new Sustainability Plan will provide ambitious recommendations for strategies, goals, and metrics that advance university practices spanning operations and procurement, and its values and academic mission.

According to Julian Goresko, sustainability director at Johns Hopkins, the development of a new plan will include broad feedback from the university community and embrace a holistic view of sustainability that aligns the commitment with other core institutional priorities.

"This process serves as an opportunity for our community to develop a vision and pathways to addressing the urgency of climate and environmental action in the immediate and long term," said Goresko. "Our hope is this process will allow us to think about how we want to leverage the university's identity as a global leader in environmental teaching and research into an institutional vision for climate action and environmental stewardship."