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Notre Dame of Maryland University: Wow Baltimore Returns March 7

Notre Dame of Maryland University

February 4, 2020


Notre Dame of Maryland University (NDMU) is proud to welcome award-winning journalist Soledad O’Brien to its line up for the Women of the World Festival – Baltimore (WOW), the region’s largest women’s festival, March 7, 2020 at the Columbus Center in Downtown Baltimore.

“NDMU has partnered with WOW to create an inclusive, sharing and learning environment,” says NDMU President Marylou Yam. “There is great synergy when two organizations with similar missions come together. We are proud to be part of this powerful movement to continue to advance the global landscape for women.”

WOW Festival Baltimore, first presented by NDMU in 2016, celebrates the power of women and girls in the Baltimore region and around the world. The unique festival creates numerous pathways for participants to take part in WOW projects, amplify their own causes, or start new initiatives that have a wide impact on communities. It is, internationally, the biggest, most comprehensive and most significant festival dedicated to presenting work by women and promoting equality for women and girls.

The WOW Festival was founded by Jude Kelly in the UK in 2010 to honor women and girls and help raise awareness globally of the issues they face and discussing solutions together. To date, the WOW Festivals have reached over two million people in 17 countries on five continents across over 65 festivals – and growing – including in Australia, Brazil, China, Finland, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Somaliland, the UK, and the USA.