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USNA and St. John’s College forge work-study partnership

Eye On Annapolis

October 28, 2019


The U.S. Naval Academy and St. John’s College (SJC) have recently developed and formalized a unique, mutually beneficial program to use students of SJC to fill Naval Academy job vacancies available through the Naval Academy Business Services Division.

The Naval Academy is home to approximately 4,400 military students who are required to live on-campus, but are not permitted to gain outside employment while pursuing their undergraduate degree and commission. Unlike most other schools, you won’t ever encounter a midshipman brewing your coffee, serving your lunch, or working as a cashier when you’re out and about.

Just down the street, SJC is home to under 500 civilian students. These students live on and off campus and many seek employment opportunities through the school’s work study program in order to afford tuition and living expenses. The number of SJC students interested in employment often exceeds the number of jobs available on the small SJC campus.

NABSD Deputy Director Phil Allison recognized the opportunity for these two schools, just a few blocks apart, to benefit one another; using SJC’s job-seekers to fill employment opportunities at the Academy, and assisting those students with the cost of their education on top of payment of their hourly wages.

Allison explained that it was his involvement with the National Association of College Auxiliary Services and working with people with similar staffing needs that gave him the idea to reach out to his counterpart at SJC to brainstorm ways they could help one another.

A formal agreement between the schools was reached at the end of May 2019, and three SJC students are currently on the NABSD payroll. By the end of October, that number will increase to nine.