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JHU's BLocal effort drives millions of dollars into Baltimore's economy

The Hub

May 17, 2019


Twenty-five local companies that came together pledging to create more economic opportunity in Baltimore report that after the first three years of that effort, they've committed to buying $50 million more from city and minority vendors than they had been and have hired more than 1,700 Baltimore residents.

The BLocal coalition's original three-year goal was to commit or spend $69 million for purchasing or construction with local and minority vendors. But the coalition surpassed that in year one, and continued to spend increasingly more the following two years. In 2018 alone, the BLocal partners spent or committed $97 million for purchasing or construction with local and minority vendors.

The BLocal partners also eclipsed their original hiring goals, hiring 1,729 Baltimore residents over three years and, in addition, hiring 1,576 Baltimore youth for paid internships.

Additionally, the BLocal coalition has expanded to a total of 28 Baltimore companies, large and small firms including banking, construction, real estate, and professional services.

"BLocal unites a network of 28 local employers spread across this city to support its citizens and entrepreneurs in a way that no single institution can do alone," said Johns Hopkins University President Ronald J. Daniels. "We are thrilled to have surpassed BLocal's initial goals, but the real success story is in the thousands of lives impacted by these investments. Through these individuals we begin to see a picture of a rejuvenated Baltimore, one that reflects our highest aspirations and the possibilities of what we can achieve when we perform the difficult daily work of training our sights on a common goal."