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'Understand the city': Loyola Maryland student walks the walk — across all of Baltimore's neighborhoods

The Baltimore Sun

May 3, 2019


It’s just past 8 a.m. Thursday, and Andrew Boyadjian already has some big plans for his 22nd birthday. He’ll eat lunch at The Lake (formerly The Roost) in Woodmere, then head to Dovecote Cafe in Reservoir Hill for dessert.

“They have this peach upside-down cake that’s really good, and that’s my birthday cake,” he says. Afterward, he’ll hang out at the park around Fort McHenry, which he calls his favorite park in the city, before heading back to the Cathedral of the Incarnation for shape-note singing in the evening.

Someone who travels without a car, like Boyadjian, would find accomplishing all three endeavors in one day ambitious, or at least inconvenient. But the Loyola University Maryland senior, who started this particular walk from campus, takes it to another level by walking the whole way. In fact, these journeys make up only three stops on the meandering 22-mile trek (the distance chosen for the age he turns) that’ll take him throughout the Loyola/Notre Dame and Guilford neighborhoods surrounding campus, Belair-Edison and much of the city in between.