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Mount St. Mary’s University and Saint John’s Catholic Prep Reach Unique Enrollment Agreement

Mount St. Mary's University

May 2, 2019


When Mount St. Mary’s University (MSMU) welcomes its incoming class of first-year students to campus this fall, it will also include eight “seniors” from Saint John’s Catholic Prep (SJCP) in Frederick. In a unique partnership, both institutions have agreed that these students will be both college freshmen and high school seniors.

For the first time in both institution’s history, eight students will be full-time freshmen at the Mount while retaining status as a senior at their high school. The Senior/Freshman Initiative promotes the two schools’ shared Catholic values and commitment to student success and academic achievement. The students were selected because their excellent academic achievements demonstrated they could excel at college-level studies while participating in traditional high school activities like athletics, clubs and service organizations.

The initiative is coordinated through the Mount’s Center for Catholic School Excellence and is designed to provide a unique in-classroom, on-campus opportunity for SJCP’s students. “The Center for Catholic School Excellence is pleased to welcome SJCP students to our community. We are proud to help launch their university experience,” said Dean of the Division of Education Barbara Marinak, Ph.D.