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Years of service, measured in happy hours

The Daily Record

March 21, 2018


During the first three months of the year, state lawmakers, lobbyists advocates and many others gather in Annapolis to create and debate legislation. Maryland’s 90-day General Assembly session is an intense period for those who work in the political world and a hard time for those people to find time to do much beyond the endless meetings, hearings, and social events that are scheduled.

For a few accomplished women, however, this high-intensity period offered an opportunity for service. Happy Hour for a Cause is a nonpartisan opportunity for women professionals working in Annapolis to network and raise money for causes that support and empower women and their families.

The steering committee of this incredible group consists of: Andrea Mansfield, Manis, Canning & Associates; Mary Ellen Russell, The Maryland Catholic Conference; Tina Bjarekull, Maryland Independent College and University Association; Sandy Dodson, Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund; and Rachel Hise, Department of Legislative Services.

While all of these women have incredibly demanding professions, “I love the fact that these events give us a chance to take time out of our crazy schedules to enjoy each other’s company and support a good cause at the same time,” Mansfield says.