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FY24 Capital Project Application Components


MICUA staff will submit certain institutional capital grant application materials electronically using the Capital Budget Information System (CBIS).  The information and forms in this category are:

DBM CBIS Worksheet for Requested Capital Projects

      Instructions for Worksheet

Cost Estimate Worksheet 
DBM Capital Budget GuideChecklist for Capital Project Requests and Worksheets


The following “supplemental materials” must also be submitted as part of the grant application package:

Cover Letters

Brief Narrative on the Institution

Enrollment History and Projections

Institutional Fact Sheet

Space Inventory for Campus — Table 1

Instructions for Table

Space Inventory for Capital Project

Instructions for Table

DBM Form D2 

Campus Map (with capital project location marked)

Design Drawings or Schematic Designs 

Please email a draft version of all application materials listed above to MICUA by July 20, 2022 so that MICUA staff may review the materials and make suggestions for changes/ additions.  If changes are suggested, the revised/final materials should be emailed to MICUA by August 5, 2022.  

MICUA will enter the DBM Worksheet and Cost Estimate Worksheet information into CBIS and transmit the supplemental materials as a package to DBM and MHEC.  These materials are due to the State no later than August 15, 2022.