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MICUA is a voluntary association that provides public policy leadership in support of independent higher education, fosters cooperative efforts among member institutions and Maryland's public colleges and universities, serves as the official liaison between independent higher education and the State and Federal governments, and informs the citizens about the significance of its 15 member institutions.

Collectively these 15, fully accredited colleges and universities provide unique educational opportunities to 64,000 students annually, the majority of whom are Maryland residents. The MICUA member institutions have had a remarkable impact on the State's economic vitality, cultural enrichment, social betterment, and community fabric for over 230 years.

Maryland's independent colleges and universities provide a broad spectrum of excellent educational opportunities, characterized by small class sizes and quality instructional programs. Every MICUA institution offers undergraduate classes and several offer graduate studies and continuing education for lifelong learners. Several MICUA institutions offer an education connected to a particular cultural exploration. Some offer unique programs not available anywhere else in the State. These educational offerings create a strong incentive for Maryland's citizens to pursue higher learning within Maryland and attract out-of-state students within our borders. Based on national studies, many of these out-of-state students remain in Maryland to pursue their professional careers. Undoubtedly, an educated workforce is the foundation for the State's future progress and prosperity.