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McDaniel Interview Day a chance for students to practice, make connections

The Baltimore Sun

October 3,2017


Students made their way around McDaniel College’s campus on a sunny fall day wearing business attire, many in dresses and heels, suits and ties.

For Ellie Thompson, a 2017 graduate of McDaniel, the scene was familiar — she came out last year to the college’s annual Interview Day to make connections, one of which landed her a job with Skanska, a multinational construction and development company.

Thompson was back on campus Tuesday — but this time, on the other side of the table, helping run interviews with her company and offering a unique perspective to the process, having recently done it herself, she said.

“I would definitely say the Interview Day is one of the greatest things [the economics and business administration department] does,” she said.

Interview Day was launched 12 years ago as a chance for students to gain interview skills, make connections with businesses — many local — and try to get jobs and internships, said Kerry Duvall, assistant professor of accounting and the chief organizer of the event at McDaniel.

The event involved more than 20 companies this year, and more than 180 interviews were scheduled with students.

“It’s really evolved into an internship opportunity,” Duvall said, adding that even some sophomores who are in intermediate accounting can participate. Mostly, the event is open to juniors and seniors in economics.

“The event has just grown and grown.”