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MICUA Priority Bills

This section will be updated as bills are added to MICUA's Priority Bills List.

Here you can view the key bills impacting higher education in Maryland. Click on the bill number to see the sponsors, read a synopsis, review the history, and more.




SB 294 (passed)/HB 593

Higher Education – Annual Revenues of For-Profit Institutions – Limitation on Enrollment (Veterans’ Education Protection Act)

SB 446 (passed)/HB 469

Institutions of Postsecondary Ed. – Disorderly School Closures

Written Support

HB 1260 (passed)/SB 1043

Historically Black Colleges and Universities – Funding

Letter of Information

SB 1000/HB 1300 (passed)

Blueprint for Maryland’s Future – Implementation

HB 596 (passed)

Edward T. and Mary A. Conroy Memorial, Jean B. Cryor Memorial, and Veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq Conflicts Scholarships and Alterations

HB 415/SB 307 (both passed)

Higher Education – Maryland Community College Promise Scholarship – Revisions

HB 362/SB 282 (both passed)

Maryland National Guard – Tuition Assistance Program – Modifications

HB 167

Higher Education – State Payments to Private Institutions – Unserved Student Populations

HB 385

Frederick County – Higher Education – Joseph A. Sellinger Program

Written and Oral Testimony in Opposition 

HB 1428

Environment –Higher Education Facilities –Mold Hazards and Moisture Problems

Written Testimony in Opposition

SB 767

Higher Education – Admissions Process – Criminal History

HB 1174

Financial Aid – Guaranteed Access Grants – Verification and Administration by Institutions of Higher Education

HB 533

Higher Education – Council on the Fair Treatment of Student Athletes (Jordan McNair Safe and Fair Play Act)

HB 839/SB 539

Labor and Employment – Family and Medical Leave Insurance (FAMLI) Program –


HB 439/SB 216

Income Tax – Carried Interest – Additional Tax

HB 654 (withdrawn)/SB 209 (unfavorable)

Criminal Law – Unruly Social Gatherings – Civil Penalties

Written Testimony in Support

HB 245/SB 647 (unfavorable)

Election Law – Institutions of Higher Education – Voter Registration and Voting by Students (Student Voter Empowerment Act of 2020)

Oral Testimony in Support with Amendments

HB 794

Education – Educational Interpreters – Certification Requirements

Written Testimony in Support

HB 1344/SB 533

Education – Teacher Certification – Montessori Schools

Written Testimony in Support

HB 343/SB 270

Economic Development – Maryland Technology Infrastructure Program

Written Testimony in Support

HB 423/SB 608

Community Colleges – State Funding – Revisions

HB 92

Sales and Use Tax – Tax-Free Periods – University and College Textbooks

Written Testimony in Support

HB 1504/SB 1015

Task Force to Study Access to Mental Health Care in Higher Education

Written Testimony in Support

HB 79

MD Technology Internship Program – Qualifications for Participation – Alterations

Written Testimony in Support

HB 1585/SB 389

Economic Development – Maryland E-Nnovation Initiative Program – Extension and Alterations

Written Testimony in Support

HB 804/SB 369

Workgroup to Study Maryland’s Emerging Digital Economy

Written Letter of Support

HB 419

Higher Education – Report on Collection Practices for Unpaid Fees and Services

Written Testimony in Opposition

HB 340/SB 274

State Government – Protection of Information – Revisions (Maryland Data Privacy Act)