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Fast Facts

  • The State of Maryland has maintained a partnership with its independent colleges and universities for over 230 years. Read more about a history of State support.
  • A 2009 poll confirms that Maryland voters believe in State support for private, nonprofit colleges and universities. Read about why voters believe in Sellinger.
  • MICUA colleges and universities enroll 63,000 students annually with similar demographics as students who attend Maryland’s public universities. Read more about who enrolls in MICUA schools.
  • In fiscal 2014, MICUA institutions dedicated 89% of Sellinger funds in the form of financial aid to Maryland residents. Read more about increasing college access.
  • State taxpayers pay $30,000 for each degree conferred at a public university compared to $4,000 for each degree conferred at an independent college or university. Read more about saving taxpayers money.
  • The MICUA member institutions receive 2% of all State operating support for higher education and award 27% of all degrees conferred by a Maryland four-year institution. Read more about leveraging the State’s investment.
  • MICUA institutions provide over three and a half times as much need-based grant aid to undergraduates as the State of Maryland and federal government combined. Read more about sticker price vs. out of pocket costs.
  • MICUA undergraduates are much more likely to graduate in four years than students at public universities, effectively controlling college costs and contributing to State revenues. Read more about high graduation rates.

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