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MICUA’s 16 private, nonprofit colleges and universities serve 63,000 students annually and award 27% of all degrees conferred by a Maryland four-year institution.


threadThread, a Baltimore nonprofit, weaves students' lives together
When Aisha Armstrong started her freshman year at the Academy for College and Career Exploration in Northwest Baltimore, she wasn't worried about making it through the next four years; she was worried about making it through the next day on $2 sandwiches from Subway. Her grandmother had died, leaving her family unpinned.

hood collegeHood presidents through the years
In 1977, I interviewed Hood College’s seventh and first woman president, Martha Church, for my editorial page column, “A Second Look.” “When you come into a job like this,” Church said, a year and a half into her presidency, “you know fund raising, budget, where you’re heading with your faculty and students.”

Lynne ElkesLiberal arts teach critical thought
Liberal arts schools are enduring an unrelenting attack in the public media. Critics of higher education rail against the excessive cost of a college education and the high rate of student debt and default. In linking college completion with potential income and job skills, liberal arts majors have fallen prey to the old question of "what can you do with that major?"

classroomMount St. Mary’s Teaching Plan Features Real-Life Situations
Every prospective teacher in the state must undergo a stint of student teaching, in the hopes that firsthand experience in schools will cement their career choice. Education classes at Mount St. Mary’s University take that requirement a step further, offering their students other opportunities to learn the logistics of teaching work outside the classroom.

BowenTake 10 with Jose Antonio Bowen, Goucher College president
What means the most when it comes to the memories and experiences of a modern day Renaissance man like Jose Antonio Bowen, the 52-year-old president of Goucher College? Moving to Baltimore with his wife, Kimberly, last July to take the job as head of the liberal arts college was the latest stop in a journey that started in his hometown of Fresno, Calif.