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MICUA’s 15 private, nonprofit colleges and universities serve 63,000 students annually and award 27% of all degrees conferred by a Maryland four-year institution.

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MICUA Partners with NARCAN to Halt Opioid Overdoses
Through a collaboration between MICUA and Adapt Pharma, the maker of NARCAN® Nasal Spray, thirteen independent colleges and universities in Maryland will have to access to life-saving medication to treat known or suspected opioid overdoses. MICUA institutions that partner with Adapt Pharma will receive eight free applications of the overdose-reversing drug.

Johns Hopkins receives $150 million pledge to establish forum for civil discussion
The Johns Hopkins University will establish a forum for the civil discussion of divisive issues with a $150 million gift from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

The most forward-thinking, future-proof college in America teaches every student the exact same stuff (St. John's College)
A recent Pew Research Center survey of 1,408 technology and education professionals suggested that the most valuable skills in the future will be those that machines can’t yet easily replicate, like creativity, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, adaptability and collaboration. In short, people need to learn how to learn, because the only hedge against a fast-changing world is the ability to think, adapt and collaborate well.


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